Dynamics 365 Field Service

What is the value of a workorder for you?

When you deliver services to your customers it is vital to know that all work performed is invoiced and documented. When you know the value it is easy to calculate what the cost would be if you forget to invoice.

With a system such as Dynamics 365 Field Service you can automating scheduling and invoicing of performed workorders.

Gain from the experience by implementing and using Dynamics 365 Field Service together with our staff. 

You will be guided by our staff during 3-5 workshops where you get to define the must haves in the implementation of your system.

construction site inspection

Do you still perform building inspection on a paper by hand?

If you do, how do you follow up on the errors that you find? How do you know the hidden costs of errors affecting quality of work, environmental and worker safety?

With a system like an app in your phone it is much more modern way of performing inspections.

By entering the inspections in the system all data  is stored in a database. This gives you the ability to analyze the errors that you find.

You will be guided during 2 workshops by our staff, the changes needed for an implementation will be documented in a quote.

Quality management

Do you keep track of quality issues and worker safety issues in a system? How do you follow up on the issues? What is the cost of the issues?

Many companies are still performing these tasks manually by using paper forms.
This can easily be done using a digital system as a Power App using the phone that your staff is already carrying.

In the app your staff can directly report issues that can cause extra cost and in the worst case severe injuries to your employees.

By entering data directly and even with the ability to document with a picture it is easy to report.

The reports are stored in a database to be handled by for instance a Quality Manager. With a database you can easily find out if issues occurs more than once and what the cost is for the issue.

Our staff will guide you to the small changes the needed to make the system work for your needs. After 2 workshops you will get a detailed report with a quote for the implementation.